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27th July 2016


By Cliff Mmolawa

Batswana have bad attitudes

We need to change our attitude as Batswana. Last year I saw a road safety youth organization (Youth Against Accidents) walking from Gaborone to Francistown against accidents and people who were in buses and other vehicles were busy persecuting them. The media failed to support those youths. So we really don’t care about important issues until something bad happens. Just check on Facebook - pages which encourage immorality have more Likes while pages which teach about important issues of life are ignored. People must wake up to righteousness.
Rraagwe Tumelo

Responsibility is key for drivers

It is up to each individual driver to see to it that we drive with care. If we are going to reduce speed just because somebody warned you that there is a speed trap or roadblock, who do you think you are cheating? Afterall it is the driver behind the wheel and when an accident happens, it is the same driver and the people on board who are going to be affected - not the police officer or the man called Government. So, each and every one of us should take complete responsibility in order to avoid these fatal road accidents. More police officers on the road cannot reduce or stop accidents on the road because usually drivers increase speed immediately they drive past a roadblock. So good people, take complete responsibility at all times when you get on the road. Better late than never; start your journey early to avoid overspeeding as you fight to reach your destination on time. God bless you.
Susan Moeng

Don’t blame the cops
It is wrong to blame road accidents on police officers; mind you, they are not the ones driving these vehicles. There are a lot of reckless drivers out there who cause accidents, and whether roadblocks are there or not, these people will still cause accidents. Drivers should learn to be responsible and ensure their own safety; the safety of their passengers as well as that of other road users. People should stop blaming the police where other people failed to be responsible enough

Maipelo Marope

Our roads must be improved!

Defensive driving schools must be introduced and taken seriously!
The government must come up with more drunken driving initiatives to sensitize drivers on the dangers of drinking under the influence!
Lay-byes or rest places must be increased and properly maintained in order to encourage drivers to decide when to take a break to avoid fatigue!
Dan Disepo

Drivers are irresponsible
It is all about you drivers; your attitudes to driving. Just because the speed limit says 100km/h doesn't necessarily mean you must, especially when you see the road condition, or you know your vehicle's condition. BE RESPONSIBLE! You don't need someone else to make you do the right thing, more especially for your own life.

Pako Moreeng

Too many import cars on the roads
We have too many unlicensed drivers because of the influx of import cars that we are allowed to buy without producing a driver’s licence. We need to build better roads and increase traffic officers with better salaries
Onkgopotse Morakaladi

Blaming import cars is ignorance

Good second hand and Japanese import cars must not be blamed for ignorance and lack of wisdom! These cars are so important and have improved the livelihoods of those who own them! And they are not the only ones involved in accidents. They pass the same roadworthiness tests as the brand new ones bought locally; so blaming them is lack of understanding of road safety matters. Boikarebelo please, let's change, we have experienced moral degradation in almost every perspective of our being!

Patrick Kabo Mogapi

Blame the driving schools
We need to start looking at it from all sides. There are those who drive unnecessarily slow, and those who drive excessively fast. They all contribute to accidents. There are those who actually only know how to move a vehicle, not necessarily drive, and even at driving schools, we are taught how to move a car at 55km/hr, a 3-point turn and the 3 parkings and slope - then gatwe o pasitse. The problem is therefore deeper than speed, recklessness and drunken driving. It’s deep- rooted and we are turning a blind eye to the root causes.

Bobby Molebatsi

Police could have saved lives
About the fire incident by Dibete, I wonder if those police officers  at the checkpoint had any fire extinguishers in their cars. Did they do anything to rescue the trapped passengers, even if it meant risking their own lives? What are they taught at training? I thought saving lives was part of being a police officer.
Rebaone Keoletile

Train driver trainers

The answer to this carnage is defensive driving and knowing that obtaining a driver’s licence does not translate to safe driving. So the starting point should be equipping driving school trainers adequately. Our roads also should be regularly maintained since they also contribute to accidents

Cornelious Macheng

We are careless on the road
We, drivers, are very careless on the roads. Se re se itseng botoka ke gone go tlhola re roga mapodise mo di Radio stationeng bone ba leka go somarela matshelo a e leng a rona. A re tsweng mo go diriseng di phone re kgweetsa. If you are tired, please have a rest. Robala. Fatigue is very dangerous. A re tsweng mo go rateng lobelo as if we are racing ko Mantshwabisi. A re nneng le mowa wa neelano. A e sare ke sa kgweetsa sentle o bo o busolosa, ha ke sa swe go swa wena.

Cliff Mmolawa

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