The drunken driver is not our President

05th August 2016


By Kagelelo Banks Kentse

The BMDYL would like to inform its members and the public at large that it has learnt that there is a list of names in the local publication with heading “Names of Persons convicted of Drunken Driving” which the name Phenyo Segokgo appears on.

We would like to state categorically and for your record that this name does not refer to our president. We have followed up with the department concerned and they have availed the ID number of the convicted person and it is not that of Phenyo Segokgo. President Segokgo does not consume alcoholic beverages and this cannot be him.

We have noted that this has caused some commotion and public outcry about the President who also serves as Chairman of the South East District Council. The chairman is a responsible citizen who respects the country laws and remains an honourable councillor in that respect. The honourable councillor is chauffeured both on official duty and personal capacity.

As a party we condemn drunken driving which causes most road accidents, we however do not get the importance of naming and shaming by listing people on newspapers. This government must be obsessed with naming and shaming corrupt government officials including the executive and ensuring that they face the music.

The president and his cabinet must declare their assets as is practice internationally so that the nation is aware of how many farms, plots, caves, properties, tourist destinations some of them own.

Kagelelo Banks Kentse
BMDYL National Spokesperson

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