Deputy Mayor in trouble with the law

05th August 2016


By Wananani Modongo -

Debt-ridden Francistown City Council (FCC) deputy mayor and Botswana Democratic Party councillor for Moselewapula ward, Lechedzani Mudenga was on Friday ordered to pay P3500 to settle a debt of four goats that he took from Tebalo Mpona last August.

But his take-home salary is only P200, and prospects of him making the huge installment of P3500.00 look bleak and thus jail beckons for the councillor. The default judgement was delivered by the Francistown Magistrate Jennifer Chikate on Friday in her chambers, but the Deputy Mayor was not in attendance.

It is alleged that Mudenga took the goats from Mpona saying that he will pay but failed to do so. Hardly a month ago, Mudenga was reportedly being investigated by the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) for allegedly selling plots to some women under false pretence.

About three weeks ago, he failed to attend a special full council meeting. Sylvia Muzila, Mayor of the city, was reportedly not amused by this as she said that it was not the first meeting that her junior was missing in action.

In April, he was ordered to pay a three months instalment of P5000 to settle a P15 000 loan that he had sought from Lumbidzani Bajo. It was discovered at the court session that the debt-tangled councillor’s monthly salary is P200 after all deductions are made. Allegations are that Mudenga did pay the loan but failed to settle costs.

Late last year, the deputy mayor disappeared from the public amid allegations that he was running away from those he owed. As if that was not enough, Francistown councillors, especially from the BDP, at one point were allegedly planning to pass a motion of no confidence against him because, according to sources, he had become a liability and embarrassment to both the municipality and the party. He was allegedly saved by the party leadership.

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